Payment Center

This guide explains the different plans and payment options available.

It covers how we calculate your monthly payment, how to sign up, and how to view your past charges.


Payment Center

The Payment Center is where you manage paying for your account.

HoursLogger has 2 plans: Paid and Free. The Paid plan is $9 per user per month. When you first sign up, you are given a 30 day free trial on the Paid plan. After the 30 days, if you account does not have payment information on file, your account will be converted to the Free plan.

The Paid plan gives any active users full feature access to the app. The Free plan allows you to create and view times, but you cannot invoice or sync with QuickBooks Online.

Sign up for a Paid Account

To sign up for a Paid account, go to the Payment Center and click "Upgrade Account".

There will be a popup that allows you to input your payment information.

Your account will be charged for the number of active users on your account.

Manage Active Users

You are only charged for active users on your account. 

You can update your active users by using the checkboxes to indicate which users are active and clicking "Update Users".

Your account will be updated and the upcoming invoice will reflect pro-rated billing changes. Our payment processor handles the pro-ration on the upcoming invoice based on your number of users and their usage. For example, if a user is active for 15 days out of the month, you'll be pro-rated roughly $4.50 on the upcoming invoice.

If you have any payment discrepancies, email us at

You can change your card information by going to the Payment Center and clicking "Update Card".

A popup will appear that will allow you to update your card information. Don't forget to click "Submit".

Your previous charges are listed below your active users. 

If you click on an invoice link, it pulls up a PDF of that bill.

Cancel your Subscription

To cancel a Paid plan, go to the Payment Center and click "Cancel Subscription".