This guide describes creating and working with services.

It also covers sharing services and details on default service billing rates.



Services are the tasks your business performs for customers. Every time card and invoice line item has a service associated with it. 

Below is an example of a typical service.

Creating Services

Services can be created by going to the "Services" page. There is a link to the services page in the side navigation. 

Click the "New Service" button.

Fill out the service details and click "Save."

Services can also be created on the fly when creating time cards.

When you are selecting the service, type the name of the new service and save the time card. If a service with that name does not exist on your account, a new service will be created.

Editing Services

Once a service has been created, you can edit it by going to the "Services" page and clicking the edit icon.

Sharing Services

All users on your account share services. When a service is created, it is automatically shared with everyone on your account.  

Default Billing Rates

Services can be marked as billable (or non-billable) and have a default billing rate associated with them. If a service is marked as billable, it can override a customer's default billing settings.

Override a customer's billing rate by checking the "Override default customer billing settings" checkbox, checking "Billable" and entering the service's billing rate. This billing rate will then be used as the default billing rate when you create a time for that service.

When timers are started or created, the time card's billable rate is defaulted to the billing rate of the service.

Active vs Inactive

Services can be made inactive so you don't see them if you no longer use them. Inactive services are not shown in drop-downs or on the "Services" page. You can view inactive services by going to the services page and clicking "Toggle Inactive".

Services can be made active or inactive by checking the active checkbox.