This guide details how invoicing works within HoursLogger.

It covers generating invoices, editing invoices, and using invoice templates to customize invoices.


Generating Invoices

After time cards have been saved in the app, what you choose to do with them is up to you. You can export times to excel, sync times with QuickBooks and use them in their app, or generate invoices in HoursLogger. You can sync these invoices with QuickBooks or send them directly to clients by printing to PDF. It is important to note when generating invoices, only approved billable times are used to populate the invoice.

Generating invoices from the timesheet view will allow you to select which hours you would like to bill. For example, in the screenshot below, an invoice would be created using all users times associated with the selected customers (HoursLogger, Intuit, and Microsoft) for Oct 8th through Oct 12th.  

A popup will appear for you to select who to bill and what type of invoice template you'd like to use. See the section on invoice templates below for details.

You can also generate invoices from the Invoice page.

Notice there is no date range when generating from the invoice page.  

Generating an invoice from this screen will create a new blank (no billable times) invoice.  To pre-populate your invoices with billable hours, create them from the time sheet view (see above section).

Editing Invoices

1. Adding a Logo to invoices

Add your company logo to invoices by clicking the blue upload logo button.  You can also do this in your account settings.

2. Editing fields

You can edit virtually any field on the invoice, even the titles. Simply click into the field and edit.

3. Re-arrange line items

If you want to re-order line items on the invoice, grab the line item using the double sided arrow on the left, drag to desired order and drop.

4. Delete line items

To delete unwanted line items on the invoice, use the trashcan button on the right.

5. Save

The invoice will not save until you click "save."  If you use the back button before saving, changes will not be saved.

Invoice Templates

When generating invoices, you need to select an invoice template.  

There are three (3) default templates to choose from (Daily, Simple and Time Card). The template type determines how invoice line items are created.

Daily - Groups times by date and creates one line item per day.

Simple - Creates one line item per service performed.

Time Card - Creates a line item for each time card.

You can also customize invoice templates. Navigate to the Templates page from the Invoices page.

Or get to invoice templates from the Generate Invoice popup.

From here you can create new templates or edit current templates.

Give the template a name and select the default settings you prefer. 

The "items to include" checkboxes dictate what to include in the description box on the invoice.