Saving Time Cards

This guide explains all the different ways you can create time cards.

It also includes how to switch customers while running a timer and how to use the "Start in Past" feature.


Saving Time Cards in HoursLogger

Using Timers to Create Time Cards

Once you are logged in, from the home screen, you can click the "Start Working" button to immediately start tracking your time.

Depending on you user settings, you will see one of two screens.  

1. If you have the "Enter details before starting timers" checkbox marked in your settings, you will see the box (pictured below) pop up. Complete the form and click "Start" to begin the timer. When you stop the timer, the time will be logged using the information completed before starting.

2. If you prefer to enter the details when you stop the timer, turn this setting off and the timer will start immediately after clicking the "Start Working" button.  You will be prompted to enter the time card's details upon clicking the "Stop Working" button.

Need to pause or add a break to your time card?  

Click the "Pause" button and a timer will start (in red) to track the break.

The red timer shows you how long you have been paused or on a break.  Note: You can also edit the break time when clocking out.

Change Clients/Customers when running a timer 

If you work on multiple clients during the day, you may want to switch clients as you close out the current time card. This function allows you to seamlessly close out the time card for the current client and simultaneously start a time card for the next client your begin working on.

To change clients, mark the "Switch client" checkbox and select the customer and service you'd like for the next time card. Click "Log it" and a new time card will be created.

Adding Time Cards Manually  

If you don't need the precision of tracking your time using a timer, you can enter time cards manually.

Click the "Add manually" link.

Enter the time card details and click "Create Time Card" to save.

Start a Time Card in the past

Forget to start a timer after you started working?

Click the "Start in Past" link to create a time card using a prior time.  For example, I started working on client A at 9:00 AM, but didn't think to start a timer until 9:30 AM. This function allows you to easily start the timer at 9:00 AM. 

To begin, enter the time you started along with the time card details.

Adding Time Cards from the Time Sheet View

If you find yourself managing times from the time sheet more than the home page, you can always enter times manually from there.

Click "+ New Time" to enter a new time card.

The app will default to the current day indicated by the greyed out calendar box. 

Enter your time card details and click "Create Time Card" to save the time.

Time Sheet at a Glance  

1. Date

Adjust the date to add times for prior or future days.

2. Approval

Toggle the approval status of the time card.  For Admin roles, time cards are approved by default. Times are not billable until they are approved. You can also approve time cards from the Time Sheet view.

3. Customer Detail

Enter the Customer, Service and Description for the time card.

4. Time Detail

Enter the time details in this section.

Is the time billable? Toggle using this checkbox.

If you have default billing rates set, they will pre-populate this field.  See the Account Settings guide or the Customers guide for more details on setting default billing rates. 

Prefer to enter a total time instead of start/stop times? Uncheck this checkbox to enter a total time for the time card.