Viewing Time Cards

This guide explains how to view and analyze your time cards.

It covers the details of the Time Sheet view, the Analytics view, and how to export times to a spreadsheet.


Time Sheet View  

The time sheet view can be used to access and manage all your times in the app.  

You can also add new time cards, generate invoices from billable approved time cards and sync times with QuickBooks. For more information on those topics, refer to their respective guides.


Filtering Time Cards

1. Date

Filter time cards by date by changing the start and end dates using the date pickers.

2. User

Filter time cards by user using this dropdown.  You can view individual users' times or choose all users.

3. Client/Customer

Filer time cards by client/customer (depending on what you call them) using these checkboxes.

4. Within a particular day

When you click on a particular date (as shown via the greyed out box), you can see all the individual time cards that make up the total for that day. These also list the customer, service, billing status and rate, approval status, date, total time, and description.

Approving Time Cards 

Unapproved times are not used when creating invoices for billing your clients.

If you are using the app as a sole owner/consultant, your times are automatically approved.  Time card approval is only relevant to those using roles in the app.

To approve time cards in the app, you can either approve all at once using the "approve all" button in the top left corner or approve each time card individually.

Approve individual time cards using the checkbox next to the green check circle.

Removing Time Cards  

If you need to delete time cards, click the delete button from within an existing time card.  There is no mass deletion capability in the app for now.

Analytics View  

If you want to view additional analytics for your time cards, navigate to the Analytics page using the menu bar on the left.

Navigating the analytics page is the same as using the time sheet view, but allows you to visually see where your time is being spent. 

Export Time Cards  

If you need to export your times, you can do that from the Analytics view. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "CSV Export" button to export the selected times.  

Note: you can save this as an excel file as well.