These guides are designed to help you understand how HoursLogger works at a detailed level.

They cover the various objects and explain how pieces fit together so you can track your time, create invoices, and sync with QuickBooks Online.

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This guide explains how to set up and invite new users. 

It covers the roles you can assign, the fields you can edit, and the differences between active and inactive users.

This guide explains all the different ways you can create time cards.

It also includes how to switch customers while running a timer and how to use the "Start in Past" feature.

This guide explains how to view and analyze your time cards.

It covers the details of the Time Sheet view, the Analytics view, and how to export times to a spreadsheet.

This guide describes creating and working with customers.

It covers sharing customers, organizing customers, and details on default customer billing rates.

This guide describes creating and working with services.

It also covers sharing services and details on default service billing rates.

This guide details how invoicing works within HoursLogger.

It covers generating invoices, editing invoices, and using invoice templates to customize invoices.

This guide covers the various User and Account settings available in HoursLogger.

This guide explains which objects sync with QuickBooks Online.

It also covers how to log in to HoursLogger using QuickBooks, how to sync invoices, and how to sync time cards.

This guide explains the different plans and payment options available.

It covers how we calculate your monthly payment, how to sign up, and how to view your past charges.