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Time tracking and invoicing built specifically for consultants. Take the frustration out of tracking billable hours and sending invoices.

Simple and intuitive

Save hours creating detailed invoices

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your team

Stay organized and sync with accounting records

Grow your business instead of wasting time

What customers are saying

Simple & Wonderful!
- Megan1028

"We have tried VARIOUS hours logger/tracking softwares. This is the easiest to use and organize.

I HIGHLY recommend this program before committing elsewhere!"

Reliable and straightforward
- AlB

"I looked at various timesheet solutions for my one-person consulting company. All of them were complex, with many rules and setup screens. They did not let me easily build my lawyer-style invoices, with detailed descriptions of all work performed.

HoursLogger does all that, and keeps it simple. It is focused and affordable. I would have to spend hours more time on billing with other tools. With HoursLogger it is just a few clicks to get my monthly invoice transferred to QuickBooks Online for adding expenses and emailing.

I recommend the product without reservation."

Saved me time and increased billable hours!
- Marthac763

"Prior to using the HoursLogger app, I struggled with keeping track of billable client hours.

HoursLogger was a simple way to keep track of my time at the point of service allowing me to capture all my time.

This increased my billable hours by capturing the time I actually worked and saved me time trying to figure out my time at the end of the month.

Invoicing is much easier and faster."

Just what I Need!

"This program is just right for my needs as a consultant.

I easily track my time and what I am doing for each client, log it and sync with QBO. Thanks!"

Consultant Time Tracking Made Easy

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Time Tracking for Consultants, by Consultants

HoursLogger was created by consultants just like you.

We have run a software consultancy for over 6 years and know the pains of consultant time tracking and invoicing. We aren't a huge company with a ton of funding and plenty of employees. All the code, design, marketing, customer support, and everything else is done by one of the founders.

We're a small business and are proud.